On the Farm with Alby

Inside the mind of a small-scale, organic farmer.

Crafted in 2015 as Digital Media Specialist at Brown University.

I. Background

World of Food was an online course produced in 2015 for undergraduates in the Public Health program at Brown University.

II. The Challenge

One big focus of the World of Food course is the comparison between small organic farms and large-scale industrial farming. Since we can't take a physical field trip in an online course, how might we be able to put a face to the small farmer?

III. My Role

I was the videographer, audio engineer, and editor for this piece, and worked alongside the professor and the course's instructional designer to produce this project.

Planning the next series of shots with farmer Alby.

IV. Our Solution

Since students couldn't take a trip to the farm, we decided to bring the farm to them by creating a short video profile of a farmer local to Rhode Island.

The intention was to share the story of what it's like to be an independent farmer in a food system often dominated by large-scale industrial farming. We wanted students to see and hear firsthand from a farmer, even as he battled the cold on a wintry New England day.

Alby was kind enough to spend two days with us. First telling us his story as he planned to the upcoming season, then showing us around as we came back to see how the farm was doing as summer arrived.