Hopper in a Nutshell

Hopper began to take off. We needed a way to effectively communicate what we were all about.

Crafted in 2019 as Video Editor at Hopper.

The full-length flagship video intended to communicate what Hopper is and the value it provides. Illustrations by Thomas Fitzpatrick, animation by Wonderlust, music by Ambrose Yu.

I. Background

Hopper is a travel app for iOS and Android that helps travelers save money by booking flights, hotels, and rental cars at the right time. Hopper has helped over 60M travelers plan and book trips around the world.

II. The Challenge

How can we distill Hopper's value into a short, engaging video? Can we structure this video in a way that we can repurpose it for a variety of media and use cases? And, on top of that, after years of visual brand development, we know what Hopper looks like... but what does Hopper sound like?

III. My Role

I acted as a producer on this project. Early on, I worked alongside our internal team to craft the script and story. Then, once the script and storyboards were finalized, my primary role was leading the production and direction of the audio—finding and partnering with a composer and sound effects artist, as well as a voiceover artist.

A quick "theatrical" promo I threw together that we shared with the company to announce the internal premiere of the full flagship video.

IV. Our Solution

We didn't want to approach this like a single, standalone "explainer" video. Instead, we decided to structure it in a way that allowed us create cutdowns that highlighted different value props that we could use strategically for different use cases. While the full-length 105-second video covered all the value props, we scripted it in a way that allowed us to create short 15, 20, and 30-second versions that highlighted separate topics like price, ease of use, and reliability. And, in order to use this on a variety of platforms, we also 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 versions.

We also worked with our talented composer to create stem tracks of the music and sound design, allowing us to reuse and repurpose elements across everything from ads to in-app sounds, using the stems to craft different moods and feelings as needed, while still having everything sound like it came from the Hopper universe.