Data Made Digestible

Bringing Hopper's expert insights to the social media space

Crafted in 2019 as Senior Creative Manager at Hopper.

A Game of Thrones-themed travel video that was released on the eve of the final episode of the series.

I. Background

Hopper is a travel app for iOS and Android that helps travelers book flights and hotels at the right time, saving up to 40%. Hopper has helped over 50M travelers plan and book trips around the world.

II. The Challenge

Hopper has a solid following on social media; however, there is a divide between the data-driven insights in the app that make Hopper an expert in the travel industry and the wanderlust-themed imagery on social media. How can Hopper better position itself as a leader of travel insights on social media without losing the travel inspiration content that drew people to Hopper's social media presence in the first place?

III. My Role

I worked as the producer, designer, and video editor on this project. I worked directly with our data scientists and economists to compile relevant data and make it engaging for a public audience, and then worked with our Communications team to develop a content plan based on their business goals.

One of our monthly price drop videos—combining our team's travel trend research with some wanderlust imagery.

IV. Our Solution

Instead of diving directly into charts and data visualizations—which would surely stand out in stark contrast to our previous content—we decided to bridge the gap and offer accessible travel insights paired with the wanderlust-style imagery that attracted travelers to our social presence in the first place.

We worked with our data science team to repurpose their findings on monthly travel trends and uncover travel insights related to current pop culture events—like the best prices to look for if you want to visit various real-world sets from Game of Thrones, published on the eve of the final episode of the series.